Applied Linguistics Press

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the review process like?

A: Like most publishers, projects will undergo a two-stage, single-blind review process. (Reviewers know who the submitting authors is.) First, your proposal will be evaluated by one or more external reviewers. You’ll be asked to revise your proposal in light of those comments or to simply take them into consideration when preparing the text. Then, after the manuscript is complete, the entire text will be sent out for comments again, which may lead to additional revisions before the text is published.

Q: Is there a book/project proposal template?

A: I'm so glad you asked! Yes, you can download it here


Q: What kinds of projects can I propose?

A: Anything! Well, almost. We’re not publishing regular journal articles right now, but all other types of media are fair game. Have an idea for a book (no matter how long or short)? Cool! Want to publish a multimedia project, with videos and data and text to go along with it? Let’s talk! Got a niche topic that you think is worth writing about? ALP wants to work with you!

Q: Will I be issued a contract?

A: Yes. It's all very official, but with a human, non-corporate touch!


Q: I have an idea, but I’d like to talk it over before submitting a proposal. Is that OK?

A: Absolutely! Just email Luke to send any questions you might have and/or set up a meeting.


Q: Will I make any royalties publishing with ALP?

A: No. But you probably wouldn’t make much with any of the for-profit publishers either, who usually pay out only about 5-7% of all sales. And some publishers pay authors nothing until a certain number of copies have been sold (e.g., 200)! We feel that this slight loss of revenue for us authors is a small price to pay for the massively increased exposure of your work through the free, open-access publishing model that ALP embodies.


Q: Will I have the copyright to my project?

A: Yes! Your work will be published using a Creative Commons license (see here), which allows others to share your work (with citation) but does not allow them to sell it in any way.


Q: Are there any fees that authors pay to have their work be published open access?

A: No! ALP is a 100% diamond open access platform. Authors pay nothing; readers pay nothing.

Q: Will my university recognize this as a publication?

A: They certainly should! And I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. ALP publications go through the same rigorous process of peer review but without the potential conflict of interest in the for-profit publishing world.


Q: Will other scholars recognize and be able to cite my work?

A: They certainly should! And probably even more than with a traditional, for-profit outlet since EVERYONE will have access to ALP publications, not just those of us at institutions with well-funded library budgets.

Q: Do ALP books have ISBNs?

A: Not by default, but this is certainly possible if you feel your work needs one. Acquiring ISBNs has a small cost associated with it but this is something we can figure out.

Do you have a question not answered here? Or maybe you have an idea for a book or some other project that you'd like to be published by ALP? Write us directly to us at to propose your idea, discuss potential projects, get involved, etc.