Applied Linguistics Press


Applied Linguistics Press (ALP) is an academic publishing house by and for applied linguists. We seek to become one of the premier outlets for publishing in the field. Toward this end, we are guided by and committed to:

ALP currently publishes books (in digital/PDF format) of any length on any topic within applied linguistics. Works can be single- or co-authored monographs or edited collections. The Press may also be open to other types of publications such as popular linguistics writing, video series, tutorials, and journals in open access formats. As an exclusively digital press, our books are not limited to text and images; we encourage, in fact, the inclusion of links, visuals, videos, data, and other media.

ALP was founded in 2023 by Luke Plonsky (Northern Arizona University) who is also currently serving as the General Editor.

The press is run on a volunteer basis. If you'd like to get involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

ALP Staff

Luke Plonsky, Founder and General Editor (2024-present)
Payton Hall, Intern (2024-present)
Michael Edens, Intern (2023)

Advisory Board

Ali Al-Hoorie

Sible Andringa

Michele Back

Martha Bigelow

J. Elliott Casal

Sin Wang Chong

Carlo Cinaglia

Sal Consoli

Matt Coss

Wenhao Diao

Meagan Driver

Sébastien Dubreil

Jesse Egbert

Aline Godfroid

Marianne Gullberg

Laura Gurzynski-Weiss

Phil Hiver

Bronson Hui

Lizz Huntley

Yo In’nami

Dan Isbell

Matt Kessler

Maggie Kubanyiova

Tove Larsson

Shaofeng Li

Angel Lin

Meng Liu

Alison Mackey

Kevin McManus

Atsushi Mizumoto

Kara Morgan-Short

Charlie Nagle

Lourdes Ortega

Mirek Pawlak

Miguel Perez-Milans

Pascual Pérez-Paredes

Simone Pfenninger

Matt Prior

Jason Rothman

Kazuya Saito
Scott Sterling

Ekaterina Sudina

Pavel Trofimovich

Adam Van Compernolle
Li Wei

Kate Yaw

Proposal and manuscript reviewers

Dan Brown
Valeria Bogorevich
Marcella Caprario
Sin Wang Chong
Reza Dalman
Dilara Dikilitas
Christine Goh
Amanda Huensch
Brandon Killby
Ellie Kuznetsova
Geoff LaFlair
Tove Larsson
Meng Liu
Vito Miao
Ayşenur Sağdıç
Kate Yaw
Shujing Zhao